The Nerdgency exhibits at Cincinnati Comicon

If you were at CincyCon, you may have seen our bright orange, Mac-lined Nerdgency booth! We met new friends, hassled old ones, and collected a boatload of business cards.

This was truly a comic-lover’s con, featuring a multitude of cartoonists and artists from all genres of comics. In between talking about the cool things we do, The Nerdgency crew wandered the floor to buy art, chat with people about their art, and admire art from afar.

Gen Con 2013

Another Gen Con is in the books, and it’s the first at which The Nerdgency had a […]

Cincy Comic Con Booth Booked


We have a booth!

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter project, the first annual Cincy Comic Con will be held in Cincinnati on September 2-8. And we’re in there like swimwear.

Now the trick is figuring out the best way to show the people of Cincinnati, and any visiting dignitaries, what The Nerdgency is all about. I mean, besides obviously nerdy things. Inspirational process videos? Fresh beats? Free swag? Contests? All of these are on the table but we need to figure out what works best with the space.

We’ll keep the website updates with booth progress. Go and grab a pass from the Cincy Comic Con website. Should be great weekend.