Born from the bowels of the advertising and marketing industry of the great city of Cincinnati, The Nerdgency is armed with skills in branding, design, development and content creation. Following their dream to support the local, national and possibly WORLD’s nerd industry, The Nergency only accepts work in and around geeky, nerdy and dorky genres.

If you have a nerdy problem – if no one else can help – and if you’ve found
us – just call upon. . . The Nerdgency. Cue the music.

John ‘Matt’ Overwine

Designer, Developer, Director of Things

Graphic designer, front-end-developer, marathon runner and nerd. His hobbies include a weekly DnD night, a variety of video games.  GenCon Indy and The Syndicate online gaming guild convention are some of his favorite yearly events.

Katherine Monasterio

Wordsmith, PR, Marketing

A longtime grammar nerd and wordsmith, Katherine is responsible for writing, editing, content management, and PR/marketing at The Nerdgency. A history buff, avid reader, and casual gamer (both tabletop and console), Katherine dabbles in various forms of nerdery across multiple forms of media.

Justin Combs

Experiential Marketing, Convention Organizer

Justin has worked in corporate marketing longer than he cares to admit. He says things like "ROMI" and "Click Through." He is the master of experiential marketing and really just picks up the slack on everything else. His comic book collection could be used to fortify a small town. He is Matt's regular DM and once showed Wil Wheaton pictures of his baby daughter and Wil said "awww."

Ronny Young

3D Animator, Illustrator, Designer

Wielding his tablet and stylus, Ronny is an accomplished illustrator and artist. Oh, and he does 3D animation. If you look hard, you can usually see a spiderman outfit under his normal clothing. He says it's to remind him to use his superpowers responsibly.