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Rare Elements Kickstarter

While many of us at The Nerdgency actively support a variety of nerdy projects on Kickstarter, until […]

Lone Wolf Development (Realm Works, Hero Lab and Army Builder)

As we mentioned previously, we worked with the Orc Stomp 5k, at Gen Con, to improve their brand identity and race signage. After joining forces with Orc Stomp’s mostly volunteer staff, we met Liz who already worked for a company knew and loved, Lone Wolf Development. For those who don’t know, they’re the nerds who created Hero Lab, character creation software…

The Nerdgency exhibits at Cincinnati Comicon

If you were at CincyCon, you may have seen our bright orange, Mac-lined Nerdgency booth! We met new friends, hassled old ones, and collected a boatload of business cards.

This was truly a comic-lover’s con, featuring a multitude of cartoonists and artists from all genres of comics. In between talking about the cool things we do, The Nerdgency crew wandered the floor to buy art, chat with people about their art, and admire art from afar.

Gen Con 2013

Another Gen Con is in the books, and it’s the first at which The Nerdgency had a […]